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Preventing Sports Injuries

Preventing Sports Injuries
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The Importance of warming up and reducing the chances of sports injuries

Performing warm-up exercises before every workout has tons of benefits that the average person may not know about.

Avoiding Sports Injuries

By not performing warm-up exercises before every workout, a person may miss out on many important health advantages.

Warm-up routines do not need to be long, and can be as short as five minutes. When done properly, warm-up exercises can have an amazing effect on a person’s workout.

Warm-up exercises can burn extra calories

Ideally, warm-up exercises should be done at leisurely pace, which is about 50 percent of a person’s maximum heart rate.

A warm-up routine should be approximately 10 minutes in length. In the time span of the warm-up, a person could expect to burn up to 100 calories. That is 100 calories burned that may have not have been if the person skipped the warm-up exercises before his or her workout.

Warm-up exercises help prevent injuries

An exerciser should never start exercising full force the minute he or she start the workout. Before a workout, muscles are cold and stiff, which makes them more prone to injuries. Warm-up exercises help to make the muscles warm and pliable, enabling them to perform the workout with a less chance of strain or injury. Also, warm-up exercises help to raise the body’s temperature, which helps to lubricate the body’s joints. This makes it easier for your body to move and for your muscles to flex and then relax.

Warm-up exercises help to protect the body’s immune system

All-out exercise that is sudden actually will flood the body with stress hormones that can weaken the person’s immune system. A weakened immune system is more susceptible to illness and diseases which makes it easier to catch colds and viruses. Performing warm-up exercises helps the body to ease into the workout and will not flood the body full of the stress hormones. Since the body is not flooded with stress hormones, the immune system remains healthy.