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Neck and Back

At First Physio Plus we see a lot of neck and back related problems. Your neck and back consist of bones (vertebrae) separated by shock absorbing structures (discs) which together form your spine. The spine extends from the base of skull to the apex of tailbone.

The spine is protected & supported by ligaments, and layers of muscle. The most important functions of the spine include Protection & Passageway for the spinal cord and its branching nerves (which supply the rest of the body), Movement, Load transfer and Posture.

Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain

Any of the structures associated with the spine can be a source of pain. Some structures can interfere with the nerves & cause nerve symptoms locally or within your limbs (arms/legs). Most of the time, neck and back related pain is not a serious condition and can dissipate within a few days. However, if the pain continues for more than a week, and is severe or is
accompanied by other symptoms such as tingling, pins and needles in the arm or leg then you need to be assessed by the right expertise, which is available at First Physio Plus.

In our experience, it all depends on how the problem presents and there is rarely only one cause. Usually Neck and back problems are due to a combination of causes such as Present health (i.e. weight, fitness, fatigue, stress, age), Work posture, Activities of daily life, and the use and makeup of home furniture (Couches, Beds, Chairs).

Treatment of Neck and Back Pain

Most Neck and Back dysfunction can be successfully treated by Manual therapy (i.e. joint manipulation, mobilization, massage, specific muscle strengthening), Posture advice and other depending on the individual. The number of treatment session may vary from 1 to a few depending on the severity of your problem.

However, severe problems associated with the Back & neck may require further investigation (X-Ray / MRI), to help gain a better understanding regarding the health of the Spine and its associated counterparts such as bones, discs (Herniation, Protrusion, Prolapse, Bulging, Annular fissure tears) and foramen (passageway for spinal nerves).

During your initial visit at First Physio Plus we will listen to you about how you feel, list your potential problems, examine you and then discuss with you a treatment and rehabilitation plan. At first Physio Plus you can trust our expertise in making in what we think is the right and honest judgement call.

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Stephanie Roche
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First Physio Plus helped me the minute I came through their doors. I cannot thank them enough. Very reliable and gladly recommend their expertise to anybody with an injury.

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Throughout my career, I attended First Physio Plus regularly and always came away pain free & ready to play. I Can only recommend First Physio Plus

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First Physio Plus is the only clinic I trusted during my football career while playing with Crumlin Utd. Also, any issues I have while touring I will always make an appointment whenever I’m home. I can’t recommend their skills & professionalism enough